How long have you been in business and where is your business located?

ICE Sportswear’s was formerly known as ICE (Innovative Cycle Engineering) which was established in 1994 and in 2012 became ICE Sportswear. We are located in Pasadena, CA, USA.

Where is your factory?

We currently use 2 production facilities to make our custom and retail clothing, both of which are located in Asia. These facilities use state of the art machinery and specialize in making athletic clothing.

What is the quality level of your products? Where are the materials from?

We source high quality and very durable fabrics, zippers (YKK) and other items necessary to make our clothing to be one of the best in the business, from manufacturers all over the world, such as Italy, USA, Taiwan, Japan  and others. During our creative processes, our material selections are based first on quality, followed by performance and finally price.



– Wash before use

– Fasten zipper before each washing

– Hand Wash only at 30 degrees

– Air dry only

– Avoid contact with Velcro

What are the material options for our garments?

We offer ICE-Cool, Cool Plus, Summer fabric and Winter-tec for most upper garments and you can choose from regular Lycra to high quality Italian Lyrca for bottoms and high end Italian Tri fabric for our Tri items.

Do you offer the same materials for kid’s garments–?

Yes, most kid’s garments can be made with the same materials.

What are the full zipper options?

The full zipper is available as exposed zipper, hidden or invisible zipper. Vests and Jackets come with a fully exposed two-way zipper.

What makes a jersey a “Pro Version” jersey?

Three different kinds of materials are used in the Pro Jerseys, as opposed to the regular jerseys. The Pro Jerseys uses our ICE-COOL fabric on the front and back panel, mesh fabric on the side panels and our dimples elastane fabric on the shoulders.

Which jerseys are available in Race or Club Cut?

All sleeveless, short sleeve and long sleeve jerseys, but the PRO versions.

Which jerseys are available as Men’s or Women’s cut?

All jerseys are available as Men’s or Women’s cut.

What sizes are our garments available in?

Most adult sizes are available from 2XS to 4XL, and most Kid’s sizes are available from XS to 3XL.

What kind of chamois do you offer and can they be used in all garments?

We offer various levels of chamois, from TRI, to Sporting to Pro and Pro competition chamois. All of which can be selected for every bottom, and depending on the items selected require an additional charge.

Do the PRO version shorts/bottoms already have the Pro Chamois included?

Yes, they come with the regular PRO chamois. The Pro competition chamois is available at an additional charge.

What is a non-slip legband or armband?

It is a very thin band with great elasticity which can also be fully sublimated and has good “grip” on your skin.

What is the difference between an elastic band and a silicon band?

The elastic band is an ordinary elastic band with medium thickness (approx. 1 inch width) and great grip due to its small added silicon stripe. The silicon band is a wide elastic band (avail. In 25mm, 45mm, 70mm) with silicon dimples that help prevent the sliding of the hem. Both have great elasticity.

Are vests and jackets available in Race or Club cut and as Men’s/Women’s version?

Vests only come as Unisex race cut, whereas jackets are available as Men’s/Women’s race or club cut.

What is the difference from the regular windbreaker vest to the ATOM vest?

Our windbreaker vests protect you from the wind whereas the ATOM vest is made from an Italian-made fabric which features an internal membrane that best helps protect your from wind and is water resistant and suitable for temperatures from 5-15*C.

What is the difference between the Thermo Winter Jacket (Hill) to the Thermo Winter Jacket?

The normal Thermo jacket/vest is made from fully printable fleece material from China. The Hill Thermo fabric is an Italian made fabric which provides an excellent membrane for additional protection from the elements.


All sizing charts are available on


Do all Skinsuits come with regular stitching or are they also available in Flatlock stiching? How about Speedsuits?

Flatlock stitching is available at an additional charge for Skinsuits. Flatlock stitching does not provide enough stretch for speedsuits and is therefore not recommended.

What is the zipper length on Skinsuits and Speedsuits?

Both Skinsuits and Speedsuits come with ¾ length invisible zipper.

What kind of chamois are used regularly for the Skinsuits?

The Skinsuits are made with the sporting chamois, unless otherwise specified.

Are the Speedsuits automatically made with Pro Chamois or does it need to be specified?

This needs to be specified upon order placement. The price is based on speedsuits using the sporting chamois. Customers use the speedsuits for many different disciplines. Our TRI chamois is the preferred choice for very short time trial disciplines. In most other cases, you can chose form our Sporting or upgrade to the Pro chamois, depending on your specific need. Participants of the RAAM chose the Pro Competition chamois due to their extended riding period.

What fabrics do you use for your Triathlon apparel?

All our Tri garments are made of high quality Italian Tri fabric, especially designed with the triathlete’s need in mind.

What is the difference between regular Lycra Arm Warmers and the “Pro” version?

The ICE Pro Lyrca Arm Warmers use a flatlock stitching and provides highly elastic and dimpled Elastine for excellent fit and comfort.

What fabrics do you offer Arm Warmer or Leg Warmers?

They are made with your choice of Lyrca or Fleece material.



Do you charge for artwork? 

The first 4 hours are included in the included in the fully credited $200.00 deposit. Extra hours will be charged at $50.00 per hour.

Where are the artwork templates?

There is a link located on the website

I don’t have a design, can you help? 

Certainly! You can work with one of our designers as specified in our Custom Apparel Agreement

Can you match artwork across seams? 

Yes! Unlike other manufacturers, we do our very best to match designs in areas such as shoulders, front and rear panel.

 Color matching, can it be done? 

Yes! We will do our very best to match color. Please be aware, however, that color matching might delay production time.

Why does the color look slightly different on the Pro bibs compared to the Pro jersey, etc.? 

Colors will sublimate differently on every material due to several factors such as:

  • Varying thickness of material
  • Sheen
  • Absorption rate
  • Woven / Knit fabrics
  • Stretch of fabrics when worn
  • Manufacturing characteristics of fabrics such as water repellent aspects, thermal properties, etc.

A similar way to look at this is how your home printer will print differently on different paper stocks.

My bibs have a different color when worn, why is this?             

This occurs due to the varied stretch of the garment and the underlying substrate white color.  As you stretch the product the white substrate will slightly show through and change the sublimation color.

What is sublimation?

Sublimation is a process in which ink is transferred to a material through a heating process.

What are the requirements for the ICE Sportswear Logo placements?

ICE Sportswear requires one logo on the front of jerseys (usually the upper chest), one on the back (usually the rear panel) and once on each legs.



What is Single item ordering?

Orders that are not in large quantities (usually a team)

What are your minimums for accessories? 

Socks: 50 pair, Cycling Caps: 20 Pieces, Mussette Bags: 20 Pieces

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept checks, Visa, and Mastercard. Receive a 2% discount for payments made with check or wire transfer. To provide the lowest possible prices, there will be a 3% transaction fee on credit cards.

Do you require full payment at the start of my order?

We require a 50% deposit before we start production of your order. Final payment is required before the order is shipped. There is a $200.00 setup fee at the start of your custom order that will be credited back to your account once you place the order.

Do you have volume or shop based pricing?

Both, you can find pricing charts on

How big is a “big” order? 

Pricing up to 299 pieces is available on our pricing list, please contact a CSR for pricing over 299.

How quick can get an order? 

Turnaround time depends on the size of your order, complexity of design and time of year. In general turnaround times are as follows but may be shorter or longer depending on the factors mentioned above.

  • September – October: 6-8 weeks
  • November – April:   8-10 weeks
  • May – August: 4-6 weeks

Specific delivery dates MUST be requested at Initial Contact. Knowing the requested delivery date up front allows us to determine first, whether the delivery date is feasible and if so, will allow us to schedule deadlines for submitting artwork, order, and deposit in order to meet this date. Please see the Custom Apparel Agreement for more information



Please check the Warranty and Replacement Policies available under the Terms & Conditions