Turnaround time depends on size of your order, complexity of design and time of year.
General rule of thumb (varies depending on items listed above):

September – April: 4-6 weeks
May – August: 3-4 weeks

ICE Sportswear will do their best to deliver by your team’s requested delivery date, but you must notify us of this date at initial contact. Knowing this up front will allow us to better judge if the delivery is feasible and provide you with a deadline for submitting your artwork, order and deposit in order to meet this date.

We might be able to accept rush orders at a 50% upcharge only if the production schedules allows; For all US orders, we allow one full week for shipping to ensure the order has enough time to go through US Customs.
We are not able to expedite the shipping – all orders are shipped via DHL International Economy from our factory in China directly to you. However, ICE Sportswear covers the cost of the international shipping from China to the US so international shipping charges are not billed to the customer.

For international orders outside the US, the customer is responsible for all international shipping charges as well as all taxes and duties. Shipments will be sent Delivery Duty Unpaid and the customer is responsible for paying all customs fees, taxes and duties directly to the customs office before the shipment is delivered.